Pay Tribute to Your Loved One with Right Funeral Flowers

  22nd November 2019

Loss of a loved one is the most tragic loss and the grief is extremely difficult to overcome. And, arranging for the perfect funeral at the moment becomes more painful […]


Tips on choosing the right funeral flowers

  11th October 2019

Whether you have lost a loved one or you want to pay homage to someone, choosing funeral flowers is not that easy. You must consider some facts before choosing the […]


Few Tips on Arranging bespoke funerals?

  8th August 2019

Getting over the death of your loved ones is one of the most traumatic and emotional experiences you will ever go through. While you and everyone around you try to […]


Humanist Services: a perfect way to celebrate “human” life

  11th July 2019

Since Humanist Services are not very common, it is important that you do thorough research before you arrange for it, especially if it is supposed to be done for your […]


Leaving without will writing: The first few days

  4th June 2019

A will decides what should happen to your estate after you die. In the absence of a will, the law decides how your money, possessions, and the property is passed […]


Funeral flowers: choose the ones that perfectly blend with t...

  9th April 2019

Funerals are one of the saddest occasions in a family. The beloved one has passed away recently but the memories will live on. However to make sure that the funeral […]


Pre paid funerals is one of the important decisions you can ...

  25th January 2019

A pre-planned funeral service is one of the latest trends which are being observed in multiple countries. More number of people are planning their own funeral service so that the […]


Tough Times made Simple!

  7th December 2018

Death is an inevitable occurrence in our lives. No matter how prepared you are, the very thought of losing your life or the lives of your loved ones will always […]


Things to Keep in Mind When Planning your or your beloved’...

  12th October 2018

Loss of a close one is always a difficult and emotional experience for everyone involved. Not long after the dust has settled down on the death of a loved one, […]


Funeral Services

Funeral Directors Luton

Butterfly Funerals we make your funeral arrangements as simple as possible, making all of the arrangements on your behalf.

Pre Paid Funerals

Funeral Directors Luton

At Butterfly Funerals, we provide pre-paid funeral services to help ease the stress and pain of your loved ones for when you pass.

Headstone Services

Funeral Directors Luton

Butterfly Funerals work closely with a local headstone provider to help create a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one.

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

We believe in making things easy at hard times which is why we have a dedicated floral service for you and other who wish to pay tribute.