First Steps

First Steps

One of the hardest things to do after someone has passed away is making the first call. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can call us anytime when you feel ready. Our conversation will involve us talking you through the next steps. Somethings may be different depending on where and how the death occurs. Feel rest assured when calling Butterfly Funerals, we have your best interests at heart.

Funeral directors speaking to a client about organising their funeral.

What to do when:

If a death takes place at home, you must notify the doctor’s surgery that the recently deceased was registered with. A GP, an our of hours doctor, paramedic or specialist nurse will need to attend the home first to confirm the death. Once confirmed, you will need to contact us so that we can attend the home of the deceased and respectfully bring the deceased person to our funeral home.

In most cases, the doctor who has seen the deceased most recently will release Cause of Death Medical Certificate. This will normally be done in 14 days. This is the certificate you will need to take to the registrar to register the death.

If the deceased has died in a care home and it was expected, the death will need need to be confirmed by a qualified medical professional. Once done, we will bring the deceased into our local funeral home. You will need to contact the doctor’s surgery they were registered with to establish when the Cause of Death Medical Certificate will be available.

If the death was unexpected, the death may get reported to a coroner. When this happens, the coroner’s office will be in touch to explain the next steps.

When someone has died in hospital, it is not always necessary for us to attend right away. However, you may want to contact us to begin arranging the funeral and for help with the next steps. The hospital bereavement officer or a member of the nursing staff will speak to you regarding arranging a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to be issued. With this, you will need to book a meeting with the registrar in the district of the hospital to register the death.

We will ask you if the funeral in to be a burial or cremation. This is because we will need to request additional documentation from the hospital.

Butterfly Funerals have many years of experience in arranging funerals where people have died away from their home, being in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. Our friendly staff can advise and guide you through what to do next.
Bringing the deceased back to the United Kingdom
If someone dies outside of the UK, it is often the wish of the family to have that person brought home. Here at Butterfly Funerals, we have a wide range of experience in helping families bringing their loved ones back home and are able to guide you through the process.

When someone dies unexpectedly, it is perfectly normal for the police to attend the scene as they have to be there on behalf of the coroner to collect information. The recently deceased person will be moved to a local hospital and into the care of a coroner so they investigate the death further to find out the cause.

You can contact Butterfly Funerals as soon as you feel you are able to, we will liase with the coroner’s office for you and completely guide you through the whole process. This is done whilst supporting you through this difficult time and ensuring everything goes as you and your loved ones would wish.