Humanist Services: a perfect way to celebrate “human” life

Since Humanist Services are not very common, it is important that you do thorough research before you arrange for it, especially if it is supposed to be done for your loved one. Humanist funerals are unconventional as it focuses on a celebration of the life led by the deceased by paying tribute and also focusing on those who have been left behind, thus making the entire process personal. A humanist service does not involve any religion as it is for those who led their lives without any religion. Hence there is no need to arrange for churches, hymns or even vicars. Considering the fact that these are off-track services, most often what it calls for, are bespoke funerals.

As opposed to the conventional practice of a priest conducting the funeral, it is a ‘celebrant’ who takes charge of the rites for a humanist service. Sometimes it is the closest friend or a family member who does the job, however, it is always advisable to appoint a celebrant to take away the stress from the close ones of the deceased, from taking center stage during the time of emotional crisis.

While the options of a burial or cremation still exist, it is pertinent to choose the perfect place. In case of a burial, you should look for a woodland or natural burial site. There are many natural burial sites available across the UK. If you opt for a natural burial site, it is important for you to have a fair knowledge about the rules that govern the site. These could be things like whether you are allowed to place stone memorials on the site, opening and closing hours etc.

Where to conduct a humanist service, depends on the type of the funeral. If the body is supposed to be cremated, the service is typically conducted at the crematorium and likewise, it is done at the natural burial site, if the body is buried.

If you are looking for the best humanist service providers, The Butterfly Funerals in Markyate has your back. It is the best place to flock to for pre-paid funerals and humanist services, especially if you want to bid adieu to your loved one as per their specific last wishes.

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