Leaving without will writing: The first few days

A will decides what should happen to your estate after you die. In the absence of a will, the law decides how your money, possessions, and the property is passed on – and more often than not, this is not in consonance with your wishes. Moreover, things will not take much time to turn from emotional turmoil to legal and financial complications for the grief-stricken family. This is the reason why will writing is so necessary. In most of the cases, if a person dies without a will the responsibility of the assets and properties of the person falls to the “next-of-kin” which universally means the closest relatives.

The next-of-kin order, if a person dies without a will, is as follows:
  • The spouse
  • The Children (including legally adopted children)
  • The parents
  • The siblings

Will writing is encouraged to ensure that there is a clear direction regarding who will have what responsibilities in your absence, and the rights of your relatives on your estate.

A will makes it much easier for your family to sort things in your absence or else, there is unnecessary distress at an already difficult time. While a will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that might be payable on the value of the assets you leave behind, it is especially pertinent if you have children or other family members who are financially dependent on you. A will quintessentially tells people two important things –

Who should have your money, property and possessions when you die
Who will be in charge of your estate and follow your instructions as documented in the will? This person essentially is the executor and you can always nominate more than one person for the job

Furthermore, you can also use your will to tell people about any other wishes you might have, like instructions for the last rites, to the extent that you can also mention, which funeral flowers should be used. For a will to be legally valid, you need to attest it with your signature and that of the two third-party witnesses you choose. Butterfly Funerals Ltd. is one of the leading funeral services in the Bedfordshire and Harpenden region. We provide all the assistance to you for your will writing. We also provide funeral directors and funeral flowers. Contact us today to know more about writing your will and save your loved ones the hassle of legal complications when they are most vulnerable, emotionally.

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