Registering A Death

Registering a death

All deaths in both England & Wales must be registered within five days of occurring. This can be extended in exceptional circumstances by arranging it with the registrar. If the coroner is involved, the coroner’s office will contact you to advise you of when you can register the death. For more information on registering a death, click on the tabs below.

Elderly man and women overlooking a burial together.

Usually, all register offices wil ask you to make an appointment to register a death. If you have the medical death certificate, you will be able to go and register the death. You can do this either before or after you have seen us to arrange the funeral.

  • A Civil Partner of the person who has died.
  • Any person who was present at the death.
  • Any person who lives in the house where the death occured.
  • A person who is arranging the funeral, this cannot be the funeral director.

You will receive a green certificate from the registrar. This needs to be given to the funeral director at your earliest convenience. Copies of the death certificate can be purchased from registar, these can be used for official purposes such as closing a bank account or claiming insurances.

  • The official death certificate in a sealed envelope.
  • If available, the deceased’s NHS medical card.
  • If required, a debit or credit card to pay for copies of the death certificate.
  • Proof of your identification, a driving licence or passport will suffice.
  • The full name of the deceased
  • Their full address
  • Details of where the person died and their date of death
  • Their date and place of birth
  • Their occupation (if applicable)
If the deceased was a married woman, you will also be asked for:
  • Her maiden name
  • Her husband’s occupation (if applicable)