The importance of Humanist Services

The importance of Humanist Services

You might be attended several funerals but are you acquainted with humanist services in Markyate and Harpenden? This is a type of ceremony that focuses on a non-religious celebration of someone who has just died.

You can conduct this with the help of a humanist celebrant or can arrange this just by yourself and the relatives of the person who has died.

Let’s explore the humanist services:

A humanist funeral service celebrates the life of a person who was not a religious follower of a particular religion or god. Mostly a humanist celebrant remains at the ceremony and guides the attendees through music and readings.

Is there a difference between a non-religious funeral and a humanist funeral?

Though both almost seem the same, you cannot ignore the basic difference that comes in the form of the presence of a celebrant. A humanist celebrant handles the ceremony of a humanist funeral whereas independent celebrants take care of the non-religious funeral.


Which is the best place to arrange a humanist funeral service?

Most funerals are held in churches or crematoriums. However, this is not the case when it comes to a humanist funeral service. This type of funeral service is fit to be held in:


  • Your home
  • Townhall
  • Garden
  • Park
  • Restaurant
  • Pub
  • Hotel event area


What takes place during a humanist funeral service?

As this is not like regular funerals and flowers service, you may notice a few differences. However, the arrangement mostly depends on the people who have organised the ceremony and the person who died.  Here is a list of ideas that you can do in a humanist funeral service:


  • The celebrant offers a hearty welcome to the guests and reflects on the meaning of life before saying a goodbye
  • The celebrant asks everyone for moments of silence
  • Music plays at the beginning of the service
  • A loved one or the celebrant gives a tribute to the person who passed away
  • Dear ones (relatives and friends) offer readings
  • The coffin is carried away
  • The celebrant shares thoughts at the end and music play with the departure of guests


The more non-religious a person is, the more informal the memorial service can be. From a beauty spot or parlour to a park to a beach – you can also arrange a direct ceremony during the cremation.

In case the person who passed away has taken the help of a will writing service, you can check that to see if he/she has listed down any specific wish or not.


Who arranges a humanist funeral service?

A humanist celebrant remains at the responsibility of arranging a humanist funeral. They lead the ceremony to help your friends and family pay tribute to your loved one.


However, you can also arrange the ceremony yourself if you are fine with a simple memorial service that involves:

  • Thank the attendees for being there
  • Keeping the ashes in front of everyone
  • Songs that the person died loved
  • Inviting the dear ones to pay their tribute


The cost of all these can range from around £4500 to anything up to £8000 or more based on the extensiveness of the arrangement.

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