What Are The Different Types Of Headstones In Bedfordshire?

Headstones In Bedfordshire

Losing a loved one is an unfortunate incident. With all the memories wavering in mind like the most colourful movie having a tragic ending, it is difficult to pick yourself up instantly. However, it is also of utmost importance that your beloved gets proper respect and a dignified funeral arrangement as well.

Headstones are crafted for millennia to cherish the persons even after their death. In the past, the tombstones were first put into use by the Roman and Celtic societies. Gigantic monuments were used to mark a burial site then. With time the church burials gain popularity and individual gravestones became common.

Choosing Headstone Services in Bedfordshire will become easy if you have a clear idea about the types of headstones used in funeral treatments. Here are 7 common headstones used in Bedfordshire:
  • Upright Headstones:  This is the most popular and common type of tombstone used in the UK. The upright headstone is cemented to the ground on a base of concrete. As the name goes, the upright headstones are vertical in shape. Granite, Marble or Limestone is used to carve this type. The benefit of upright headstones is that you can inscribe as much text as you want in the memory of your loved one.
  • Flat Headstones: The flat headstones and the upright headstones have a more or less similar outlook. While exploring affordable Headstone Services in Bedfordshirepeople opt for this type. In flat headstones also you can inscribe maximum texts and images. The headstones are either installed directly in the ground or cemented on a raised base. Bronze or Granite is used to make the Flat headstones.
  • Kerbed Headstones: These are full-length types of headstones that are laid flat on the ground to mark the periphery of the grave. If you are searching for ‘what is the best headstone to use in the UK?’, then the Kerbed Headstones will be your fittest choice. In this type, you can get ample space to fit in as much text in remembrance, as you prefer. From the top to the end, you will get a place to utilise.
Many eminent Headstone Services in Bedfordshire advise using this type as the families can also lay candles or flowers on the Kerbed Headstones.
  • Memorials: Cremation Memorials are the closest alternatives to the upright headstones if the deceased was cremated rather than buried. The memorial is carved out to make a place for the vase of ashes. Sometimes, in the cremation memorials, the ashes of the entire family are put into the same place.
  • Benches: Cremation Benches are also avidly used in the UK to look back on the memories of the departed. The benches are mostly used for the entire family instead of one. These are inexpensive installations as they are fitted into a large plot. The cremation benches will help you get a serene and quiet spot where you can enjoy the happy times celebrated together again and again.

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